Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Mystery of the Mermaid Caper Chapter:4

WHERE ARE WE?! Calm down britt! brinn they put a watarfall in THE CITY they did not even thave a pool or a pond at fist.(britt crying)
niffling). calm down and stop crying.....Hay look a ticket booth maybe they
have Nancy DrewYeah, we should look...Whaat! It's not Nancy Drew! You're right Brinn by my readings it says Nancy Peru! Well we got tickets to one of them! Oh, Brinn I forgot to tell you! To tell me what? It's Nancy Peru a Musical...Not just any musical it's musical of the year! Oh, look at that buff guy over there! I know his muscles are huge! Look at the cutie in the water.I call him, Brinn.As she looks at the cutie in the water (with love in her eyes).
What will happen to them?

Monday, September 22, 2008

Mystery Of The Mermaid Caper Chapter:3

Here Britt let's try that alley, and then go left. Okay, but that alley sure is dark...Are you sure we should go down it? Britt think about it nobody in New York can see us let's go! I mean Britt really what can go wrong! You know Brinn, when you're right you're right! Thanks Britt! Your welcome. Brinn what's wrong? Even if we do find the movie, what about our house...Our parents will be wondering where we ARE!!! Brinn your right. Aww! Britt stop crying! Umm, Britt I think we went down the wrong alley! Oh No, you're tellen me they remodled it didn't like and re-did it again! No, I'm saying I think we went right insted of left!

What's going to happen to Brinn & Britt?

Britt & Brinn Say Au revoir!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The mystery of the mermaid caper

Britt are you sure that bus hit me? Uh, yeah hello you standing in the middle of the street! I was? Yeah you were walking backwards away from ME! Well that was so rude of that bus man to hit me! Brinn I don't think he saw you. How could he not if I'm in the middle of the street! Brinn calm down and think about this! Your right Britt, sorry. It's alright Brinn, we just need to think! Brinn we need to find that movie I'v already bought the tickets! Britt look, looks like New York, New York has been remodeled! Yeah, it does doesn't it! Oh, no we'll never make to the movies in time now, remember how hard it was to find our way around the city when we moved here, NOW WE HAVE TO DO IT ALL OVER AGAIN!!! Your right Brinn it was hard, and that was $12.00 wasted! You know Britt this is the worse day of my life I've been hit by a bus a dog walked through our feet and now there remodeling the city, isn't this just GREAT! Brinn calm down like I said before we just need to think this over!

What will happen to Britt & Brinn next?

Brinn & Britt say audios!

Love, Britt

Love, Brinn

Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Mystery of Mermaid Caper

Hello, I'm Brinn and I'm Britt We're waiting at the bus stop to see the best looking movie ever we live in New York, New York one of the most crime involved state in the U.S. Oh, theres the bus; Wait wait Whaaatt it went right past us! Oh now will never see Nancy Drew now...Hey look the cute little doggy Brinn brinn Briinnn! What britt what??? That dog went right threw my legs...Yeah right Britt. No really brinn I'm for real! no your not we are going now you must be to hot lets go home and let you cool down BRINN look at BAM brinn are you o-k...? ya i did not feel a thing see I told you sis.
you got hit bye the bus.

what will happen to brinn and britt next time britt&brinn say bye...